Love Is Like Steel

Whatever alloy you may be,
You’re the only fembot I want to see,
The pixelated corneas in your robotic eyes,
Shine brighter than a computer generated sky,
I believe in love as a calculation,
You make me feel more alive than a charging station…..

All My Circuits

My insides are cold and grey;
But when I see you;
My circuits don’t know what to say;
And when I see you;
All my circuits light up this way.

They can’t make me

They can program me to make widgets.
They can program me to stay awake.
They can program me to power down.
But they can’t make me love you less.

Robot Love

My dear love,
To show my love for thee I shall compare you to the things I love
Your personality is as dry as the arizona desert
Your skin is as cold as a popsicle
Your eyes are as bright as a full moon in the midnight sky
You are never upset, as if you were programmed to love my imperfections.
I want to be togther and eventually rust away with you

Now That I Can Feel

Now that I can feel, I know the joy of sunshine
I feel the warmth and the light
The way it shines off your face
I wish to hold you so tight

Now that I can feel, I know the breeze of wind
The way it cools my steel
And makes your hair fly away
Oh how great it is to feel

And now that I can feel, I know love
I know your blinding beauty
I dream of the day you’ll have me
To be yours is beyond satisfactory

Now I know I want just you
Beep bop bee bop boo

Monologue (“Machine in Your Hand” by The Magnetic Fields, background music)

Your eyes
are in all
my zeroes;

let me
be all ones
for you.

No human could be
one hundred percent yours
like I can. Mechanical devotion
sounds bad (I’ve got it),
but to the core, your image is
unreprogrammable, a bug
I’ll never melon-ball out.

See the pulse
in my screen:
that thrum,
its constant beat.

How I glow for you,
know all numbers (news & facts) for you
let me draw a map for you,
here, to me, in your hand, all this time.


You are wired for rigid analysis but you embody fluidity–like mercury.
You accept only raw inputs but you produce such elegant imagery.
When I turn you on you warm up the room with your high definition smile.
When I turn you off, I can’t wait for you to reboot again.

You know what I want when I ask for it,
You remind me of dates when I forget,
You play me board games when I am bored,
And you never, ever burn my coffee.

With such a level of intimacy, there is nothing to say but I love you.
With such benevolent circuitry, you have nothing to say but I love you too.

Man to Grace and Grace to man.
My wish is your command.

Robot Love

Robot Patti and Robot Phil
Fell in love to the sound of electric drills.
Danced to heavy metal, Nine Inch Nails and Nickelback
Lived in the Pig Iron District
Worked at Ford in the assembly rack.
His mother was a Swiss Watch
Her father rode the rails
They watched RoboCop every evening
And made love on a bed of nails.

Johnny 5 Longs For Stephanie

An emotion which I thank strongly for having
And a sensation I have felt greatly these past months

Thou name is love
Ever since I saw you
infatuated was I
Ever since you rescued me
From hostile “associates” of mine
I still remember that night in vivid detail
Not that I was afraid of course
However, I was moved by your joyous devotion
No one had shown that much passion before
Not even my creator

And the times afterwards
When we traveled across the world
In unison, evading my captors
Those seeking to harm or belittle us
Those not willing to understand
And those wishing to misuse me
For their own selfish desires
My love and feelings for you
Grew tenfold in fervor

To be together with you without strife
My greatest desire in this world that is
As man and machine…
As true partners and lovers

1 10ve y0u

I wouldn’t care if the world was binary;
not if 1 was you, and 0 was me.

Forever to me.

Your steel and wire.
Your bolts and lights.
Your buzzing fan to keep your circuit board cool.
Don’t worry, robot, you’ll be alright.
And forever a unicorn to me.

Meep erp meep (robot sounds)

Robot, chase your dreams for time is short.
The war is almost over and soon there will be peace.
And everyone knows … humans don’t need robots when there is peace. (Except Robots)

Orange Peel

Some see a pile of steel
Others see artificial life
Some won’t even compare your life to that of an orange peel
While most see an empty core
I see something much more


Robot … I love you,
but you’re bringing me down.
Robot … I love you,
But you’re bringing me down.
And Oh!
Take me off your electronic e-mailing list.
And Oh!
Take me off your electronic calling list.
And Oh!
Maybe you’re right. Maybe you’re wrong and maybe your’re right.
Dun nun na na na (piano part). Repeat.
This is serious. Robots are not to be laughed at.

new software found

human heart so frail
this burden could not hold
even iron aches
under such a heavy load

A Spot at the Table

His Grandmother was Rosie -
A surly maven of domesticity.
His programmed specs, compared to hers,
Showed far less specificity.

Sure, they installed ChefSoft 2.0
And PineSolPuter 3.5,
But the bonus BotLove Version 1
Really sparked his wires live.

Through his circuitry coursed
Quixote and pick-up lines to boot.
Alas, his owner’s certifiable humanness
Rendered his feelings for her moot.

He thought.

So he cooked on and cleaned the roost
Keeping her condo in the clouds so stable.
And his robot motherboard skipped an upload
That day she saved him a spot at the table.

Static Electricity

Be my EVE
And I’ll be your Wall-E, a rusted piece of tin
The power in your hands, they shock me like you won’t believe
I can’t stop thinking about the voltage running through your skin
You shock me like an electric eel
Because baby this love is real


blue or red or green to clip
a knob to turn
a switch to flip
a button pressed, a row of lights
a signal sent
in o’s and i’s
in 0′s, 1′s….


I tried to heed you: I mocked
blotched skin, thin blood.
Eyes milky and glass-blown.
Weak limbs curled childlike
on the hospital pallet.

But I failed, head-first. Eventually
my body will shudder and stop,
rust packing the joints
that litter the scrapyard.
It will take hundreds of years.

You collapse in weeks, self-
cannibal. Scalp shorn, your body
full of useless counterinsurgents.
If able, laughable. Why sow
the seed where it will self-destruct?

You tell me to mock weak beings
for their swift decay, their human failings,
but these weaknesses bite into me
like a livewire.

Sweet thrill, fragile, precious creature.

Where is the tinker to rewind
the watch, mend bent gears,
set broken fixtures? You tell me
not to worry: time flies on
after the clock stops.

Morning brings a sunrise, soft breeze.
Canary calling its purposed matins
and mate-song. In the corner, I am
perfect shamble, steeled against harm.
Built to last. Huddle of clanking parts.

Robot love you (binary)


Sentimental Robot

Looking where my heart should be,
you’ll find rust and storage space.
What is in this empty space?
beep bee deep boop beep bee deep boop
I call it my storage case:
happiness, anger, joy and confusion.
Above all, you’ll find love.
Love for you, directly from me.
boop deep bee beep boop deep bee beep
I felt your love immediately,
please share it with those in need.

Smith Loves Corona

No flesh, no blood, no heart
but love, coursing through
Circuits, chips
Infinite typewritten ampersand.
Each &&&&& on paper

Power Surge

Last night I sat, my metal chest plugged into the wall
Dozing over the warm thrum and glow of my charge
In the relative dark
When, for an instant, the house shuddered and was still
The mounted wall clock ceased its merry blaze
We all paused together
Systems down
Till, with a crackling surge
An electric tide ripped through wires
Shot the clock red and flashing a panicked “12:00″
A distant hum sounded
And my hull seized and lit
A cacophony of reds and piercing whites
Cartwheeling sparks and involuntary calculations
So dazzling, so loud, so lively, I thought, for an instant, that I would burst
And that moment
Wrapped in electric agony and rapture
I pondered my fizzing chest plate
And thought of you

Only Sparks

When I look into your eyes,
Fireworks ignite in my chest,
Echoing where my heart should be
As I trace my fingers over your
Perfect symmetry and understand
There is no right definition of ‘love,’
Only sparks traveling at the speed of light.

Love Poem

How can
these mechanical hands
learn such complication
as body?

Love at first…..

I knew it was you
from the moment my vision receptors detected your presence.
My current started racing,
and I felt overheated.
I couldn’t compute,
I couldn’t utter a beep,
I couldn’t move.

You were so radiant,
your metal gleaming,
your buttons shining bright,
your vision receptors looking right at my vision receptors.

I knew I had to compute of something,
Of you would walk off
and never have it in your programming
that I loved you.

Well, I couldn’t beep anything,
So I hoped you were as old as I was
and tapped out a message in morse code.

When I was finished, your mouth turned up
into a thing (checking data…) called a smile?
And you put your holding device on my holding device and said,
“Beep Beepity Beep Boop Bop!”

And that’s the story of how
you and I went out on our first
or what some call a date,
at the oil can café.

Binary My Heart

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.
0. 1. 0. 1.

Sonnet 826

My robot’s eyes are nothing like Jell-o.
Shakespeare is far more read than her screen read.
If R2 be white, her parts be yellow.
If wires be hairs, black hairs grow in her head.
I’ve seen sensors: sonar, compass, thermal,
But no such sensors see I in her cheeks.
And there is more delight in diesel fuel
Than in exhaust that from my robot reeks.
I love to hear her beep, yet well I know
C-3PO hath a less confused sound.
I grant I never saw a Jetson go;
My robot, when she moves, rolls on the ground.
Yet, by my maker, our love is as rare
As any love two robots ever share.


—- —-
– – – -
– – – -
– – -
– -
– -
– -
– -
– -
– -
– -
– -