My Hand

My hands are quite different than;
My feet;
They are normal and quaint.

Baby Doll

Bigfoot is a right description,
hands are baby doll sized.

Talking of Hands

Singularly strong, sabelline,
Spiniform, shamed, sullen.


I have no protection from snow
no warmth
no gloves can fit my hands

Size of life

When shaking of limbs from body
My palm and his palm touch

Big Foots Caring Hands

Big Foot’s Hands as big as a wasteland,
super smelly,
but all together brawn yet caring.

Hulk’s Brother

By having such monstrous hands
He can’t
Commit to a handshake


One hand alone could crush a skull
Dear Lord
Please don’t say he has two

Not a Chicken

Big hand smashes a chicken to
bits. Yay!
I am not a chicken.


Perhaps he walks on large hands only
To spite
His used, worn-out Converses

Small Hands

He who has the biggest of feet
Has the smallest of hands

Big Foot’s Hands

The petite hands of Big Foot are
and unlike his large feet.

Bigfoot’s Hands

It’s not all about Bigfoot’s feet
His hands
They can sign to airplanes

hairy for religious reasons
into arthritic mud

Startling Grace

Tarantulan though they may be,
Digits stretch, then clench tight.

Bigfoot’s Insecurities

He thought about shaving his hands.
“No,” he
mused, “I am one beautiful beast.”

Wondrous Appendeges!

What are these long white furry paws called?
Oh, hands!
Very soft and comfy.

Feelin’ A Bit Handy

Hands the size of small vehicles,
Smart cars,
Hands at least ten times ours…..

If His Hands Were Smaller

Oh the things his hands would create
A city
For his fairies and friends

Sasquatchian Ilk

Sasquatchian Ilk: Compassion,
Large Hands,
Lonely forests. Clench me.

The Rest of Sasquatch

I admit, they are enormous …
For hands.
But check out those feet! I mean, whoa!!

Play time

Rugged of nail and course-haired palms
Shape Bigfoot mud castles

Lady Big Foot’s Hands

Her desires have invented new
Her hands, unheard-of songs.

The Look of Big Hands

They look like Big Foot, good, strong hands.
Don’t they?
He wailed to the forest.

Horror Hands

Hands? What hands? All I saw were feet-
BIG feet-
before I ran away.

Heavy is the Crown

knuckles shine, fist is thick today
but then
he is the Thumb War king.

Thumbs Up

Finger, finger, thumb, thumb, thumb, thumb
thumb, thumb
Six thumbs up – here it comes!